Edna Wilson

Although I always liked folk music, I got interested in traditional music when I lived in Dublin – that was a revelation! However I only started playing an instrument seriously when I moved to London and had lessons with Pete Cooper. When I returned to Scotland in 2015 I joined the Scots Music Group fiddle class and became re-enthused. I wanted to have a constructive retirement and give back something to SMG so volunteered for the Board. Getting involved has been so interesting and I have learned such a lot about the organisation, including helping in the office and supporting our events. So different from my previous working life.


Paul McIntosh

Paul was born in Nairn, and holds a BSc Hons Physics and an MBA degree.  He retired in 2015, having followed a technical and management career in the Information & Communications Technology and Oil & Gas sectors.  He was a director of his own small ICT consultancy for 15 years.  Paul has been involved with SMG as a student since about 2004, and plays guitar in the Ceilidh Caleerie dance band.  He has been Treasurer on the SMG Board since 2015.


Helen Quigley
Board Member
Singing, clàrsach

My mother was a Scots song singer, so I was familiar with traditional music from an early age. I spent my working life in England, but when I came back here I took up the clarsach as a way into traditional music, joining an SMG mixed instrument class and then playing in the slow session. I have also sung in several SMG groups. I have been on the Board for two years and enjoy helping SMG to promote traditional music: not only through the classes, but also by its community projects and out-reach activities.


Eoin McIntyre
Board Member
Anglo concertina, mandolin, button accordion

Retired teacher, student of Gàidhlig. SMG member for 10 years or so, mostly in mixed instrument groups playing anglo concertina, mandolin, or button accordion.  Eoin is also a key member of our ceilidh volunteer team.


Fiona Harrison
Board Member
Fiddle, guitar, singing

I have been a member of the Scots Music Group for over 15 years and sat on the Board for about ten years. Its a wonderful organisation which has something for everyone and can change lives.  I never imagined that I would play traditional music, or that I would learn to play the violin before I joined. Traditional music is addictive. For me, it led to going on to study music and composition after giving up my day job.  I have also made many friends and have had lots of great experiences. The tuition is fantastic and we are always interested in and grateful for new ideas. Being a board member is a good way to become more involved in the organisation and I would encourage everyone who might be interested in this, or other ways of volunteering, to get in touch.


Jamie Taylor
Board Member
Fiddle, smallpipes, whistle

I started going to SMG classes in the mid 90s and have been unable to kick the habit. I help to manage the Ceilidh Caleerie band and I’m a Balerno Busker, both of which raise money for SMG. By day I’m (just) still an engineer, historically mostly in wave and wind energy. I joined the board in 2019.